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Rating Criteria

I couldn’t have a page of book reviews without some sort of rating criteria, so here goes nothing! Sometimes you’ll see reviews were I throw in a half star after an initial rating of three or four stars. This is simply because I  occasionally find a book that has fallen between two categories. In other words, it simply means I was “on the fence” about my initial rating and didn’t want it to fall on one extreme or the other. 

1 star rating.png

A one star rating is a very rare thing, indeed. A book that’s receiving only a single star from me is usually one that is unpolished. Either the characters are indistinguishable or the narration left me utterly confused. More often than not, a one-star book is one that is poorly written. On the slim chance I read something off-the-grid or unpublished, this rating may find itself at the end of a review. More often than not, a book with one star will never make it here, as it’s usually one I didn’t finish.

2 stars rating.png

A two star rating is very similar to a one star rating, except for one major difference: I can see where this book was going. The author of a two star book has been able to get their meaning across, but lacked any craft for their subject. Despite this, a two star book is one I’m able to finish and have a sense of the overall message.

3 stars rating.png

A three start book is very middle-of-the-road. Maybe there was one thing that really bugged me: an flat main character, unanswered questions when it comes to the ending, or simply a personal preference. This is where books start to go from “unrecommended” to “give it a try.”

4 star rating.png

A four star book is one I really liked. I think most of the books I’ve read I would rate four stars (and have done so on Goodreads). I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a big fan of the genre. If is a borrowed book or one from the library, it will definitely find a permanent place on my shelves in the future. 

5 stars rating.png

A five star book is a book that has exceeded my expectations. It was engrossing, hard to put down, and universally wonderful. My all-time favorites reside in the five star category, as does any book I find myself turning to again and again for another visit. I will recommend such a book to anyone who reads, even if they’re not a particular fan of the genre. 


Jesse Andrews / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


Fiona Barton / The Widow

Flynn Berry / Under the Harrow


Pedro Cabiya / Wicked Weeds: A Zombie Novel

M. R. Carey / The Girl With All the Gifts

Joe Clifford / Lamentation




Emily Fridlund / History of Wolves


Vivian Gornick / The Situation and the Story

John Green / Turtles All the Way Down


Paula Hawkins / The Girl on the Train

Shaun David Hutchinson / Violent Ends

Dot Hutchison / The Butterfly Garden




Rupi Kaur / the sun and her flowers

Stephen King / It

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff / Illuminae

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff / Gemina



James McWilliams / The Modern Savage


Patrick Ness / A Monster Calls

Jennifer Niven / All the Bright Places


Mary Oliver / Upstream


R. J. Palacio / Wonder

Amy Poehler / Yes Please



J.K. Rowling / Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


V.E. Schwab / A Darker Shade of Magic

Adam Silvera / They Both Die at the End


Benjamin Thomas / Jack Be Quick




Ruth Ware / In a Dark, Dark Wood